Our Nutritional Policy

The aim of Little Dinners is to support childcare providers by providing healthy, balanced and delicious meals. Good nutrition is vital for children's physical and mental development. We have established the Little Dinners nutritional policy to encourage the development of good eating practices that will last a life time.

Every meal is made with fresh ingredients

Our monthly menu is carefully devised to follow the Department of Health's "Food and Nutritional Guidelines for Pre-School Services". In doing this great emphasis is placed on the variety of vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates used. A variety of nutritious ingredient that vary in colour, shape, texture and size are used. Our menu includes many new or different dishes, children's favourites and dishes which are culturally diverse.

We have created over 30 basic recipes, with variations for vegetarians and other special dietary requirements which are drawn upon to produce a menu which provides providing the children with a balance of variety and familiarity. All meals shown with serving suggestions.

We don't say "low salt we say no salt" absolutely no salt, bullion, sugar, artificial colours, flavorings, or preservatives are ever added to our preschool or infant meals.

We make all our own stocks and sauces from original ingredients, herbs and spices. Our mashed potatoes are prepared on site, from 100% whole potatoes with nothing added. All ingredients used in the production of our meals are sourced from reputable, HACCP compliant suppliers who operate traceability systems.

We provide for both specialist diets and infants

Special Diets

Special diets based on parental preference, cultural or religious beliefs and health or allergy issues are provided for. The standard meal is adapted to suit the individual child's needs and comes individually packed, with a specially flagged label, at no extra cost. This ensures that the child does not feel different and is more likely to enjoy their meal along with everyone else.

Babies and Younger Children

Babies and younger children are catered for too, by providing specially adapted dairy and gluten free versions of regular meals in pureed and chopped form.