Value Without Compromise

Cost effectiveness is of prime importance. The net cost of "Little Dinners" should work out less than any alternative of similar quality.

Having said this we will not compromise on quality, for the sake of gaining price advantage.

If you are comparing our prices with those of other suppliers, it is important to compare on a weight to weight basis not portion to portion basis e.g. cost per kilo in order to get an accurate picture. We offer a range of pack sizes at a single meal price.

When considering outsourcing it is important to take account of all costs incurred in producing meals on your own premises. You will find that time spent in working out exactly what each meal is currently costing you will be extremely helpful in planning your future strategy.

Most of us think only of the cost of ingredients and maybe electricity and labour, however these may account for just part of the actual cost. The attached check list may help you get a truer picture. Cost Checklist

Our little dinners meet the highest standards of quality, freshness and nutrition whilst at the same time offering exceptional variety and value. Working with us enables you to optimise your time and space without compromising on quality.